TFS 2016 Bushfire Safety – MAKE A PLAN

Bushfire sparks and embers can rain down well ahead of a fire. Just because you can’t see the fire doesn’t mean you’re safe. Know your bushfire risk and make a plan.


TFS Fuel Reduction Burn

The Fuel Reduction Program The Tasmanian Government has invested $28.5 million in a cross-agency program of strategically targeted burns to reduce the amount of potential fuel for a bushfire. This state-wide Fuel Reduction Program will focus on those areas that pose the greatest risk of bushfire and will include both public and private land. High risk locations are identified by

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TFS What is Community Protection Planning

Community Protection Planning an innovative, and national award winning emergency management, community protection and resilience building initiative. Community protection planning is working with communities, stakeholders and partner agencies in the development and implementation of these community level plans: Strategic plans that focus on addressing bushfire hazards and improving survivability of communities and assets. These plans identify areas for fuel treatment,

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