How do we respond to alarms?

We hear alarms on a daily basis, home security or car alarms can be an extreme annoyance, most people ignore them and just keep walking by. Have you ever been in a busy supermarket when a fire alarm sounds? People have become so accustomed to false alarms being a nuisance and not a real emergency and just keep on shopping. In terms of responding to emergencies and coordination of a site evacuation the reaction of the people at a site is critical to the success of an evacuation and everyone’s safety. Chief Wardens and Wardens are the key to a successful emergency plan as they will be dealing face to face with, at times angry and aggressive building occupants.

TasFire Training can provide lifesaving skills and knowledge to employees who have a warden role. Wardens who are confident in what they need to do and responsive in accordance with the emergency plan are crucial. To read more about modern day emergency challenges and public attitudes please click here;

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