TFS Fuel Reduction Burn

The Fuel Reduction Program

The Tasmanian Government has invested $28.5 million in a cross-agency program of strategically targeted burns to reduce the amount of potential fuel for a bushfire.

This state-wide Fuel Reduction Program will focus on those areas that pose the greatest risk of bushfire and will include both public and private land. High risk locations are identified by each of Tasmania’s 10 Fire Management Area Committees. The risk assessments use a combination of local knowledge and computer modelling undertaken by the Fuel Reduction Unit of the Tasmania Fire Service.

Burns are only conducted when it is safest and smartest to do so. The conditions required for the safest burns largely exist during autumn and spring. Due to the variability of Tasmania’s weather, burn schedules can change at very short notice. Fuel reduction burns are managed and therefore smoke is kept to a minimum, however smoke is an unavoidable part of burning.
The Fuel Reduction Unit works with the Parks and Wildlife Service, Forestry Tasmania, local government, contractors and private land owners to implement the program.

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Due to the rapidly evolving situation with the Covid-19 virus and the advice to avoid non-essential gatherings, along with the stringent recommendations by the Federal Government if gatherings do take place, TasFire Training has taken the decision to suspend training courses for the immediate future.


Currently we are cancelling courses on a week by week basis and will be monitoring current advice and reasonable community expectations. We will contact all clients who have already been sent course confirmations and we will re-contact once we have some certainty about the environment. If you haven’t yet heard from us we will understand if you wish to cancel your booking in the current environment, there will be no penalty.


We will be guided by both Federal and State Government Health policy particularly in regard physical isolation to prevent person to person spread.  We wish you good health in this unprecedented time and will continue to work with our clients and the community to get through this situation.


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