Emergency Response Teams Training Tasmania


ERT training is aimed at high risk industries that need to maintain employee safety, protect plant, equipment and respond to incidents that occur on site.

Industries such as the mining and manufacturing sectors use emergency response teams as an effective response to emergency incidents. Onsite teams are trained to respond to incidents that threaten both human and physical resources. Crews are trained to enable them to work alongside responding Tasmania Fire Service Brigades.

The TasFire Training Code of Practice can be found on our website at Here


Emergency Response Team training encapsulates a range of competencies and is delivered in a needs based format depending on the types of industrial risks involved. The training includes;

Hazardous material incidents
First response to fire incidents
Fire control and emergency rescue
Operating breathing apparatus and firefighting pumps

Participants will be trained to work as a team during supervised practical exercises at our training grounds. Our instructors have many years experience within the firefighting industry and participant safety is paramount.

Duration, cost and location are all by negotiation according to workplace special needs


Please contact our regional consultants to discuss your needs. We will design a course based on your specific industry workplace risks and requirements.


For information relating to the “Emergency Response Teams” course’s conducted in Tasmania, download a PDF copy here.



Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) has recently conducted a review of service delivery, including services offered by TasFireTraining, TFS’ commercial training division.

From April 2021 TasFire Training will no longer be delivering training courses to the non-government sector apart from those workplaces that have on site Emergency Response Teams. We would like to thank you for your custom over the period we have built our relationship.

We understand that this is a big change, however this will allow TFS to focus on supporting the emergency response capability of government departments and emergency response teams in high risk industries with the resources we have available. The following links provide information on issues of compliance:

We recommend that you review the following Worksafe document: Managing the work environment and also refer to Section 5 Emergency Plans, and this fact sheet Fact sheet -Emergency Plans.

WHS Legislation requires workplaces to have an emergency plan in place and people are appropriately trained. The following is a Worksafe link to a code of practice laws-and-compliance / codes-of-practice

Advice on development and legislative requirements on Fire Evacuation Plans for specified buildings go to Evacuation Plans.

Scheduled public courses will proceed until the March 31, 2021and can be found here.

We undertake to monitor impacts of this decision on the sector over time and we encourage you to seek out an alternative training provider that meets your needs.

If you have any concerns or have any further questions please contact Acting Director of Training Jeff Harper on (03) 61665500 or by email to Jeffrey.Harper@fire.tas.gov.au with the Subject: TasFire Training – withdrawal of services.

Justin Young